Spanish Peaks Colorado


Portrait of company founders/owners


Botanical Creations began in the mid-80s with a line of aromatic products from herbs, flowers and resins available to us here in the Southwest. We started by making sage smudge products from Artemesia Tridentada (Desert Sage) that grew all over southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. We branched out by going into the nearby forests to ecologically harvest Pinon, Juniper and Fir needles and resins to make sweet, fragrant and natural incense. As we grew, we acquired an extensive knowledge of aromatherapy; beneficial properties, blending techniques, and the high-quality ingredients necessary for clean burning, all-natural, essential oil incense.


Purple flowers blooming with blue mountains and bright sunset in background.


By the mid-90s we began to buy imported essential oils from all over the world and charcoal sticks from India. We now offer 30 varieties of incense. Most recipes are proprietary and unique and cannot be found elsewhere. In the 21st century, we still harvest, roll, dip and package our aromatic products by hand here in southern Colorado. Now, in 2022,  we believe more than ever in our ecological harvesting, earth friendly and recycled packaging, and clean burning products. Our small business is growing, and helping to employ people in our small community, creating jobs here and sharing our beautifully handcrafted resources with others around the world.